Trees Glorious Trees!

We're planting around 6000 trees this winter up on Totley and Wimble Holme Hill, which is mainly being carried out by volunteers, youth rangers, "muck-in days" and scout groups. Getting the local community involved is key to our approach on the Eastern Moors, and a task such as tree planting is th eperfect opportunity to do this.

The planting is all part of a Woodland Creation Grant to increase woodland cover on the Eastern Edges of the Peak District.

There are lots of benefits to this. Enhancing public benefits, adapting to climate change, flood prevention, and to provide a habitat that is both rich and diverse in wildlife. It also allows us to develop a "green corridor" of woodland with neighbouring land, such as Gillfield Wood and Blacka Moor.

The species that we're planting are oak, rowan, silver birch, hawthorn, willow, alder, and gorse, and will act as seed source for future generations of trees.