Play Wild on the Eastern & Burbage Moors

The Eastern and Burbage Moors are great places to 'play wild'!

Play Wild is about having fun playing in the wild. No swings or slides, just puddles to splash in, fallen trees to balance on, rocks to climb and piles of leaves to burrow into.












The Easter and Burbage Moors are 'amber' traffic light sites. This means wildlife may be more sensative at differnt times of the year, so take care to check out local information when you get there.



Play Wild Code

Discover new worlds and creatures whilst taking care not to damage or disturb nature's home.

Follow this code to keep the Eastern and Burbage Moors wild for all...


Make sure an adult knows where you are heading on your wild adventure

Look, touch and play - only take pictures and memories away

Leave footprints or muddy splashes - take litter home

Keep your dog under control and clean up after them leave gates as you find them (For more localised information click here)



There are three Moorland Adventure Trails for the young adventurer of young at heart. Click here to download your copy and begin your Wild Play Moorland Adventure. 










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