Event licensing on the Eastern & Burbage Moors

Event Licensing on the Eastern & Burbage Moors

The Eastern Moors Partnership, a joint initiative between the RSPB and the National Trust, manage Totley Moss, Big Moor, Ramsley Moor, Clod Hall Moor and Jack Flat on behalf of the land owner, the Peak District National Park Authority.  In addition we manage Burbage, Houndkirk and Hathersage Moors on behalf of Sheffield City Council. This responsibility requires us by law to responsibly assess and where appropriate issue licences for events held within these areas. 

The Eastern Moors Partnership values public enjoyment of these sites and the connections people make with the landscape through recreation. We are, as guardians of the special nature of the site, also responsible for preserving the sites’ cultural heritage and protecting it for the benefit of wildlife. This includes protecting landscape heritage features, some of which are registered as Scheduled Ancient Monuments (SAMs) and habitats designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), a designation which applies to almost the whole of the Eastern & Burbage Moors.

Rights and limitations of access

All land is owned by someone – individuals, businesses, organisations or public bodies. Under the Countryside Rights of Way Act, 2000 (CROW Act), people have a right of access on foot, mobility scooters or powered wheelchairs on public and concession rights of way and on foot, horse, bicycles, mobility scooters or powered wheelchairs on public and concession bridleways. If your event is entirely on public rights of way it is helpful to consult with landowners who may be affected and who can advise you on whether you need permission. If you are planning to put up markers, checkpoints or controls, you will need permission from the landowner or manager.

The open access designation which covers the majority (though not all) of the Eastern & Burbage Moors gives the public a right to roam on foot, off public rights of way, with restrictions as listed on the government website here. Such rights of access do not give automatic permission for organised events or activities, therefore if you are planning an event or activity which leaves public rights of way, you are required to apply for permission from the landowner or land manager.

We request that whether your event or activity is on or off public rights of way, you contact us to see if permission is required.

If an event licence is not needed, event organisers are still required to deliver their event within their statutory rights of access including the Countryside Rights of Way Act, 2000 and public rights of way and ensure event participants abide by the Countryside Code, downloadable here.

Event licensing and Natural England consent

The Eastern Moors Partnership will assess applications and work with event organisers to try and satisfy the requirements of the event organiser and the legal obligations of the land manager, whilst protecting the unique nature of the site and its enjoyment by other visitors.

In many cases the event or activity will require Natural England consent prior to an event licence being issued. In this case, the Eastern Moors Partnership as land manager is required to apply for the consent.  If the application is successful the partnership is then in a position to issue an event licence.  In some cases, before this can happen, Natural England will require further clarification or ask for alterations to be made to the event.  There are circumstances where consent is not attained, the partnership is unable to issue a licence and the event is not able to go ahead, or go ahead at that time.

Event licence applications containing all required information must be received by the Eastern Moors Partnership at least 4 months prior to the event date.  Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your event.  

Making a successful application

We can only issue licences for events or activities for the part of the event held on the land we manage. If your event covers land outside of these areas you will also need to contact other land owners and managers. If you are unsure of who owns or manages the land, contact the Peak District National Park.

If you are organising an event or activity which requires a licence from the Eastern Moors Partnership, please read the following.

The Eastern Moors Partnership supports events and activities that promote people’s enjoyment of the moors and may grant a license for such events and activities which:

  • are appropriate for the site,
  • will not negatively impact on other visitors,
  • will not negatively impact on wildlife or habitats,
  • will not negatively impact on archaeological features in the landscape,
  • will not leave lasting damage to paths and other visitor infrastructure,
  • if appropriate, is consented by Natural England.

If your event requires Natural England consent the Eastern Moors Partnership will apply for it as the land manager for the Eastern & Burbage Moors. Natural England consent applications take time and are not always successful therefore you are advised to apply to the Eastern Moors Partnership at least 4 months prior to your event and to wait for the outcome before advertising your event. The Eastern Moors Partnership will only apply for Natural England consent if they are satisfied that the event fits within the guidelines listed above and there is time for the application to be processed prior to the event date.   

To give the Natural England application the highest chance of success, we suggest the following points to consider when putting your event proposal together:

  • avoid going off public paths during ground nesting bird season – beg March to end July
  • avoid adder hibernation sites (we can give advice on this if appropriate)
  • avoid impact on archaeological features
  • avoid sensitive habitat sites such as blanket bogs
  • avoid going off public paths on Big Moor during the red deer rut between September and November
  • avoid ‘wild’ areas such as White Edge path to reduce impact on visitors
  • avoid paths which are already showing signs of impact such as Ox Stones on Burbage
  • have no dogs at the event or all dogs on short leads at all times
  • ensure parking will not disrupt other visitors or local residents
  • if any of the above cannot be avoided, reduce the number of participants

Please note: Due to the increasing numbers of external events in the area and the impact some events have on other visitors’ enjoyment of the area, we have introduced event free weekends. Therefore, if your application is for an event the same, or either side of another event we are already aware of, we may not be able to licence your event unless you are able to change the date. Please note licence applications are dealt with on a first come first served basis.

To apply for a licence

To apply for an event licence, please email the following information to enquiries@easternmoors.org.uk. Please note, without all the details below including an attached copy of a descriptive map of the event including control/check points if appropriate, details of appropriate first aid, proof of insurance and an up to date risk assessment, we will not be able to process your application.

Name and address of lead organiser:

1. Name of event:

2. Date of event:

3. Timings of event including setting up and clearing away:

4. Number of expected participants:

5. Number of expected helpers on the day:

6. Map of the proposed event route (including checkpoint locations):

7. Location of parking:

8. Description of activities:

9. Will dogs be present during setting up, delivery and clearing up of the event and if so will they be on a short lead (no more than 2 metres)?:

10. Proposed method or marking route (we would not license any permanent or semi permanent marking  such as spray on the ground, or marking attached to archaeology):

11. Situation of checkpoints manned or unmanned:

12. Location of any structures to be used (please note we will not license structures including tents or gazebos on the moor):

13. Proposed method of road crossing:

14. Details of appropriate first aid provision:

15. Details of appropriate public liability insurance (please attach proof of insurance):  

16. Event risk assessment (please attach a signed and dated risk assessment):

We will always try to support events and activities on the Eastern Moors and will work with you to help your event to fit within the accepted guidelines. When we have received the required information from you and are satisfied with the event proposal, we will apply to Natural England for consent if required and if successful, issue you with a licence. Please note that any change of event details which results in a re-submission of a Natural England consent application, will result in an additional administration fee to the Eastern Moors Partnership and a £500 charge by Natural England or a four week delay in processing.

Further questions?

If you have any further questions regarding event licensing, please email enquiries@easternmoors.org.uk. Thank you.