Conservation careers

Jake Hagyard, student placement

“The skills and knowledge I gained from my time on the Eastern Moors are invaluable. I learnt how environmental charities work in terms of funding and the management they do. A lot of the work was manual which involved using an array of digging, fencing and cutting tools. Not to mention the selection of off-roading vehicles used. I have also gained knowledge of native and invasive plant species. If there are any students who are looking to gain experience in working in countryside conservation then the Eastern Moors would be a great place to start.”

Harriet Saltis, Assistant Patrol Ranger

"I started volunteering in autumn 2012 with the wardens gaining experience on all manner of conservation tasks for a large estate. As I started, the winter programme of work was about to commence which meant I joined the wardens on woodland management days with a trusty bow saw in my hand, and muscles to strengthen. As the months passed, I became familiar with stone walling, patrolling, monitoring wildlife and many more tasks; which included a helicopter ride up onto Kinder!

Over the next 3 years I had opportunities to help out the visitor services manager with event preparations, and because I was one of the longest serving volunteers I was called upon to help out at early events such as taster days and youth rangers; so could pass on my enthusiasm. In August 2015, my experience paid off and I was successful in becoming a fully-fledged part-time member of staff as an Assistant Patrol Ranger. I still assist the wardens and ranger by maintaining the site and engaging with visitors."

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