Bryony's Best-Of Ramble

Approximately 9 miles (14.5km)

Starting at Curbar ensures that the Grindleford cafe and Longshaw are at convenient mid-ish point for lunch but this walk could be started at any point and either direction; there are three car parks on route and numerous lay-bys.  Great for a weekend wander; following well warn routes. There are numerous places to grab treats along the way and it showcases a variety of habitats – taking in areas of both the Eastern Moors and Longshaw. Unfortunately as this route follows footpaths and crosses open access land it is not suitable for horses or mountain bikes.

  1. Starting at Curbar Gap lay bys (located below Curbar Gap car park) take the footpath to the right of Warren Lodge. Look out for unusual marks in the gritstone which are clues of Curbar’s quarrying past. The large rock just beyond the footpath entrance is thought to have been part of a workers lean-too shelter. Follow the path below the edge and into the woodlands, during spring listen out for willow warblers and keep your eyes open for pied-flycatchers. On occasions the path splits, stick to upper path which will lead you on a gradual climb up to the edge.

    Alternatively, begin at Curbar Gap car park, grab a coffee from Jolly’s van and follow the bridleway directly along Curbar Edge (signposted).

  2. Having reached the top don’t forget to turn around and admire the view. Turn left and follow the permission bridleway along Froggatt Edge passing a stone circle on your right and crossing over a small stream. During summer evenings the meeting of water, edge and trees is a great spot for watching bats and even the occasional circling woodcock.

  3. Continue along the bridleway, ignoring the right turn which will take you to the lay-bys and exit onto the A625 at the white gate. Take extreme care when crossing the A625, cars whizz round the bends, cross over and go through the gate on the other side. Follow the path down and across the brook. Haywood car park will be on your right, continue past through the trees, keeping the car park and stone wall on your right.

  4. At the corner of the stone wall there is the option to turn right and drop into the Grouse Inn, you can double back and rejoin the route after lunch. If you’re not quite ready for a break follow the path as it forks to the left. This brings you out onto a view point, before dropping steeply down into woodlands, continue to follow left and down until you hit a T-junction. Turn left again, bringing you out onto a residential road. Turn right, walk down to the main road, cross over the road and follow the footpath left taking the steps down to the railway.

  5. The Grindleford Station cafe will be on your right, this is a characterful place to stop for giant chip butties and pints of tea. Once you’ve refuelled, turn right out of the cafe and cross over the bridge next to the Totley tunnel. Follow the road round, over the river and turn right when you reach the footpath which climbs up past the houses. A finger post marks the path and direction towards Longshaw.