Thank you for taking part in our survey which can be found here:

Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey so far. This wasn’t designed to be a catch all survey, but it has been a great opportunity for us to learn more about who is visiting the Eastern Moors and what they think of their experience. Please be aware that whilst every response was read the results reflect trends and may not represent your personal view point. Here’s what we found out so far...

People visit the Eastern Moors for a diversity of reasons, enjoying all sorts of activities with many people visiting for more than one reason and exploring different areas.

The responses indicate that overall more men than women visit the Eastern Moors (this matches results from previous visitor surveys) and over half of visitors are over the age of 45 years.

The vast majority of people rated their visit as good or very good and many people commented that the open views, landscape, wildlife and remoteness made this a special place to enjoy. 

Mountain bikers appreciate the permissive bridleways but several pointed out that they would like to see the tracks better maintained and more access opened to allow bikers to stay off the roads.

Access issues and users conflicts were mentioned by several visitors. Many walkers were frustrated by mountain bikers using footpaths or not showing consideration on bridleways.  Some people expressed confusion about where they were allowed (for all kinds of recreation) or what was expected of them. You may find these website useful:

A number of people mentioned parking as an issue particularly around Curbar Gap. Unfortunately although we are well aware of this frustrating problem, we have no control over the lay-bys or roads around site, or how people choose to park. This year we will be embarking on improvement works at Curbar Gap, where parking is available on a first come first served basis, to ensure we make the best use of the space available. Please direct concerns about parking outside of the car parks to the Highways Agency.

The main reason for conducting this survey was as part of “Project Poo”, you can find out more about this on our blog. The vast majority of dog owners said that they always picked up after their dog. 51% of people overall felt that dog poo was an issue, at least in some areas, with many sharing their frustration and some disgusting incidences! We are pleased to find that the majority of dog walkers rated their experience as good or very good.

Please see our blog to find out why we consider poo a problem and what we are planning to do about it.